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No changes in Harbour Marina management

By DAVID JUDD Port Dover Harbour Marina will return to county council’s agenda this spring. A long-awaited report on ways to manage the marina is expected in April. A year ago, Port Dover volunteers offered to manage the marina on behalf of the county. In response, a staff report should be ready in two months, […]

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County sells Woodhouse garage

By DAVID JUDD Norfolk County is selling the former Woodhouse garage on Cockshutt Road north of Port Dover. Great Lakes Offshore Services Inc. has agreed to buy the garage for $250,100. County council was expected to approve the sale last night, Feb. 12. The garage has been closed since last summer. Staff work out of […]

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Remembering P.D.C.S.

It was 12 years ago this spring I stood in front of an auditorium filled with people from the community who all came together to try and save my high school. I remember pleading to the school board to keep my high school’s doors open and ending my speech in tears as I handed the […]

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Mumford & Sons comes to Norfolk

The background negotiations…   Mumford & Sons announced last week that one of only four North American ‘Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers’, and the first-ever in Canada, would take place August 23 and 24 at Norfolk County Fairgrounds in Simcoe. Tickets went on sale for $109 and sold out online in 30 minutes. Norfolk County […]

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It’s not the walls of the school that count but rather what occurs within them

In last week’s “Sound Off,” someone complained that Simcoe Composite and Waterford High schools are “outdated for today’s educational realities” and suggested “our area’s youth deserve better.” I’ve heard similar sentiments (and much worse) in recent months and have grown weary of it. First let me say that I, too, am sad Port Dover no […]

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Scout Hut targeted for closure

By DAVID JUDD The Port Dover Scout Hut might be removed from its home in Kinsmen Park this year to save money. A report to Norfolk County council recommends the hut be declared surplus to county needs and be offered for sale on condition it be removed from Kinsmen Park on Hamilton Plank Road. If […]

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backwoods Saloon door - Nicole Carey etc

The last dance for PDCS

By HEATHER WALTERS Port Dover Composite School held its final farewell semi-formal dance on the last day of January, which was also the last day of the semester and the last day of a high school in Port Dover. The dance was open to all high school grades and included invitations to all former PDCS […]

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Town’s high school is now in Simcoe, need to create teen interests locally

Port Dover no longer is a community with a secondary school. The youth of this town now will be focused daily on our neighbouring community of Simcoe. In those formative years, as they grow from adolescent to young adult, their lives will be oriented outside their hometown. However, the stark reality is the closing of […]

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simpsons from global

Vote for Katie to win

Winner decided by the number of votes received by February 11. Katie Hemming of Port Dover entered a contest to come up with a different idea for the popular animated show ‘The Simpsons’. The producers were looking for an idea for the opening of the show, when the Simpson’s family enters the house and sits […]

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Resident wants bylaw toughened to protect trees

By David Judd Stephanie Wilson says she felt sick when she looked across Black Creek behind her home on Sunning Hill Drive. A 200-foot line of decades-old trees had been removed from the edge of the creek. “I was devastated,” Mrs. Wilson told The Maple Leaf, recalling what happened last August. “I felt like crying. […]

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‘Old and awful’ trees need to be cleaned up

The trees removed along Black Creek were “old and awful,” says property owner Lynn Smith. “Those trees were horrible. They were falling in the creek. They were old, old, old trees.” Mrs. Smith and her husband, Darrin, are planning to build a new home on a prime location backing on Black Creek, off Donjon Boulevard […]

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Carlos Simcoe Town Hall

Carlos Ventin’s design saved the Court House

And, how a cleaning lady changed local history Carlos Ventin is a semi-retired architect living in Port Dover who is credited with a bevy of old structures being restored to a magnificent second life. Recently, I sat down with Carlos to discuss the Norfolk County Administrative Building that, in 1972, had been doomed to the […]

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