The Wizard of Oz at Lighthouse

Another spectacular Community Show opens April 19


By Donna McMillan

THE effort is amazing by all cast and production crew for the community production of The Wizard of Oz, Director George Araujo told the Maple Leaf at rehearsal Sunday.
“It’s really coming together. It’s a triple threat. Great singing. Great acting. Great choreography,” he said.
Libby Adams of Port Dover will be dancing down the yellow brick road in ruby slippers as Dorothy.

Libby, who grew up in Simcoe, started acting when she was 5. She began in Simcoe Little Theatre and ended up, with an agent in Toronto, doing commercials for such products as fish sticks, fruit roll-ups and lunchables, Libby told the Maple Leaf on Sunday. When she was 9, she auditioned for a Toronto production of Sound of Music, singing coincidentally “Somewhere over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz.
She was selected for the role of Brigitta von Trapp and did 88 shows at the Prince of Wales Theatre. She also had parts in Degrassi: The Next Generation, The Tracy Fragments with Ellen Page and It’s a Boy Girl Thing to name a few.
Since that time, Libby said she hasn’t done anything in theatre. She has been concentrating on dance and teaches ballet, jazz, hip hop and more at Crystal Lake Conservatory in Simcoe. Because her Mom owned a dance studio, Libby started dance at the age of 3.

Above: Jaden Banfield, Port Dover, Xochilt Kiernan, Port Dover and Makenzie DeSmedt, Vittoria will all be performing in The Wizard of Oz.

Libby saw the audition call for Wizard of Oz and was “super happy” to end up with the role of Dorothy. She sees a lot of similarities and differences in her own character compared with Dorothy. She knows you don’t have to go to crazy places to “know home is where the heart is,” she said. “It’s a fun role. I love it.” It’s a great cast, she shared, and all have formed a strong bond. “I’m excited for everyone to see it.”
From watching rehearsal, it is clear that audiences are in for a treat and this musical will appeal to all ages. This community show promises to be as popular as last year’s Mary Poppins and previous community shows.
The Wizard of Oz will be on stage Friday and Saturday evenings from April 19 to May 5. There will be Saturday and Sunday matinees on weekends. Tickets are $25. They can be purchased by calling the box office at 519-583-2221, visiting the Box Office at 247 Main Street or at
In addition to Libby Adams, the full performers list includes: Maggie Baker; Jaden Banfield; Deanna Colling; Richard Dupp; Nara Farrell; Pauline Golebski; Sarah Gurney; Xochilt Kiernan; Susan Labone; Sadie Lockhart; Julie MacLeod; Jason Mayo; Grace McFarland; Phil McLaren; Murray Porteous; Nora Rassenberg; Kenzie ; Roselle Slaght; Elodie Suprun; Bob Thompson; Justine Vervaeke; Isabella Watson; Katy Wilkinson.
This play is directed by George Araujo & Kim Shippey; Choreographed by Kiri-Lyn Muir; Musical Direction by Michelle and Tony Proracki; Stage Managed by JP Cullen; Costumes and Props by Sally Bellamy & Jan Rainey.

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