Sleigh rides in the snow


Horses pulling sleigh

Scott Sowden with a team of horses at Evergreen Hill Farm giving sleigh rides. Photo by Earl Hartlen.

With people not travelling anywhere this winter and looking for things to do outside and out of their houses, there is nothing more picturesque and fun than a horse-drawn sleigh ride over the hills and dales through the snow.

Following the first snowfall in December, Evergreen Hill Farm says it was busy with horse drawn sleigh rides.

“We’ve been very busy, very very busy,” said Julie Sowden. “Scott doesn’t like to turn anyone down because we don’t get snow too often so he likes to drive his horses and let people enjoy the day with the snow.”

Dean and Lynne Davies took their family for a day at Evergreen Hill Farm.

“It was the first time for my two daughters, their husbands and the four grandchildren,” said Dean.

The family, who all wore masks throughout the day outside, enjoyed a sleigh ride, saw the barn animals and got to pet and feed horses Seymour and Clifford.

“The kids said it was the best thing they had done this year,” recalled Dean. “Noah especially liked when we stopped in the sugar bush for pictures and he could play and roll in the snow.”

“They also enjoyed feeding the horses (after asking permission) apples and carrots. The whole visit to the farm is a wonderful experience for kids and adults alike, from the sleigh ride to seeing the chickens and sheep, being able to pet the majestic horses, Seymour and Clifford to playing with the super friendly dog Sophie,” recalled Dean.

Family on Sleigh Ride

This team of horses pulls a sleigh through the snow at Evergreen Hill Farm just outside Port Dover.    Photo by Earl Hartlen

When the Maple Leaf spoke with Julie on December 27th, Evergreen Hill Farm was restricting visitors based on Covid-19 guidelines.

“We take families and groups of up to 10 people. Just the small bubble that you’re in,” explained Julie Sowden.

To reach Evergreen Hill Farm, text Julie at 519-427-3660, email or by Facebook.



Originally published January 6, 2021


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