Shoes collected for Haiti

By Donna McMillan

DIANE Elms is a runner with North Shore Runners.
Runners and walkers tend to change their shoes frequently, resulting in good shoes that are in need of new forever homes. Thanks to the runners from North Shore Athletics as well as members of the community, Diane is able to collect shoes for Haiti.

At left: Diane Elms, a North Shore Runner coordinates the collection of shoes for Haiti.

While she predominantly collects athletic shoes, all donations are welcome.
“Shoes are a big deal in Haiti,” Diane told the Maple Leaf. “A lot of diseases are carried by feet.” There is a worry about contamination.
Diane, owner of Phoenix Rising Center of Homeopathy and Iridology, collected 75 pairs of shoes in 2017. She was almost there for her 2018 collection just before Christmas. All shoe donations can be dropped off at North Shore Athletics at the corner of Main and Chapman in Port Dover.
Diane’s brother and sister-in-law, Russ and Karen Beaurivage, founded Hope from Above Ministry to help people in Haiti, primarily the village of Lafite, a coastal village located northwest of the capital of Haiti.
Russ works with the O.P.P. in Simcoe and also flies a plane, which makes it possible for him to make flights with goods, Diane explained; hence a duo meaning for Hope from Above.
The Ministry assists students to attend school, provides food, clothing, medical assistance and more, Diane said.
For those interested in learning more about ‘Hope From Above,’ the website is
As soon as Diane wraps up the 2018 collection, she starts gathering shoes for 2019.

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