Santa coming to Port Dover Saturday! (Nov. 28)


IT wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit to town from Santa Claus.

And, after checking with officials from Norfolk County, Santa was given the all-clear for a horse-drawn carriage ride through the streets of Port Dover this Saturday (Nov. 28) afternoon.

It won’t be anything like Santa’s other visits to town. In past years, hundreds of children and their parents meet the visitors from the North Pole at the pier before everyone joins in the popular Christmas Fest parade through town.

This year Santa’s visit will be very low-key. Shortly after noon this Saturday (Nov. 28), Santa is expected to whisk quietly into town and meet up with Scott Sowden of Evergreen Hill Farm who will be waiting with his carriage and team of horses.

For the next few hours, they will ride up and down streets waving to children and adults and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

To keep everyone safe (including Santa himself who needs to be his healthiest for Christmas Eve) and avoid a crowd forming, there is no pre-announced route. The best way to know when Santa is close-by is to listen for Santa’s bells and the horses hooves.

In order to cover as many streets as possible, Santa’s carriage will keep rolling with no stops.

A spokeself for Santa said it is not safe for the horses to cross the lift bridge so Saturday’s tour will be along streets on the west side of town. Santa’s tour will also avoid Main Street as much as possible with its heavier and sometimes faster traffic.

Santa’s tour is being organized by Port Dover Board of Trade. Merchants, restaurants and services throughout town have a wide range of holiday gift ideas in their shops to meet the wishes of those on your gift list this Christmas.

With restricted numbers, reduced visitors, the cancellation of most events including the entire summer theatre season, it has been a tough year for many local stores. Shopkeepers are hoping local residents will take time to check what is offered in local stores this Christmas shopping season.

If you’re not sure what to buy someone on your holiday list, the Board of Trade is encouraging residents to get a gift card from a local store… it’s quick to buy and will be appreciated throughout the year.

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