Roulston’s wins “Outstanding Business Achievement” award

Roulston Pharmacists Steve Flexman and Blair Snow.

By Donna McMillan

THEY use robotics to improve the accuracy and dispensing of pills. They deliver prescriptions and client services throughout Norfolk County and beyond. They provide specialty compounding. They have five home health care experts. They spend considerable time providing education in the community. They are involved in many fundraising endeavours.
For these and many more reasons, the people who own and work for Roulston’s helped the homegrown pharmacy earn the “Outstanding Business Achievement Award” that was recently awarded by the Simcoe Chamber of Commerce.
Roulston’s I.D.A. Pharmacy was founded in Simcoe in 1933 by Verne Roulston. The single store expanded to two stores in Simcoe in the early 80s. The Port Dover store was added in 1991 while the Delhi pharmacy opened about ten years ago. And, in 2013, the Wellness Centre in Simcoe became a new centre for health care.
Roulston’s Pharmacy is recognized for their community service in each community.
Owners Blair Snow, Mark Stephens and Steve Flexman are involved in community fundraisers, parades, dragonboat races, Big Bike for Heart & Stroke, minor sports and are supporters of the Norfolk General Hospital and Norfolk County Fair.
Also, Steve Flexman and Blair Snow told the Maple Leaf last week they are frequent guest speakers on such topics as suicide, opioids, palliative care and women’s health. They also have a representative on the Diabetes Advisory Committee, Downtown Simcoe and the recreation hub being discussed for Norfolk County.
Roulston’s Clinical Pharmacist Allison Tario of Port Dover has spoken nine times in the past six weeks to local schools and school boards, women’s shelter and more on Naloxone, a medication used to block the effects of opioids in overdoses that helps prevent deaths.
Every day, there are one or two clinical pharmacists on staff who are available to sit down in the office and discuss a client’s drugs or go to a home to discuss the same at a client’s home, Steve and Blair shared.
Roulston’s Pharmacy hires about 140 staff altogether, with approximately 20 working in Port Dover. Quite a few have been at the Port Dover store for 20 to 30 years, Steve said.

“They know our customers,” Blair said. The two commented they try to keep staff consistent. “We live here,” Blair said. “We are big, but a small town feel pharmacy.”
Their size makes it possible to have trucks delivering medications, equipment or services across Norfolk and into neighboring communities, the two shared.
Roulston’s has five health care experts to help people with chair lifts, walkers, hospital beds and more. “We will order and install chair lifts,” Steve said. They also have a team of four natural health experts.
The Roulston’s Team has embraced the expanded scope of pharmacists, offering flu shots and travel vaccines. They also offer the new service of specialty compounding or custom making medications by offering liquids instead of pills, adding flavours and more.
Steve and Blair are excited about their use of robotic technology, especially for Long Term Care needs. They have successfully implemented innovation by using computers and robotics to count pills and dispense them. It improves accuracy and verifies prepared packages, they said.
Clients in Port Dover have access to almost everything, Blair said. Most expertise is portable, Steve added. There is significant collaboration with physicians and care providers.
In addition to the pharmacy side of the stores, “we have a lot of front store greatness,” Steve said. “We have a top notch beauty department,” Blair added. They have diversified and carry gifts, clothing and food.
Every Thursday is Seniors Day at Roulston’s with the offer of 15 per cent discounts on many items.
For more information, Roulston’s is located at 414 Main Street in Port Dover and can be reached at 519-583-2100.

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