Recycle your unwanted eyeglasses!


LIONS Clubs around the world help people who are visually impaired. Lions International is a world leader in assisting people in developing countries with eye testing and provides used eyeglasses to many thousands of people annually.
Lions Past District Governor Jim Lomas of Port Dover has taken a leading role to help raise awareness in the community of the need for used eyeglasses to assist the visually impaired worldwide.
Jim says that Lions Clubs around the world are known for their service to the blind. What became this world-wide effort can be traced back to one American woman. Her name was Helen Keller and she became blind and deaf from a childhood disease. At 45 years of age, she addressed the Lions Convention in 1925 when the Lions International President was Harry Newman of Dunnville, Ontario. (He was the first Canadian president and from our own area.)

Above: Lions Past District Governor Jim Lomas, left, and Port Dover Lion Mike Marini are shown with some of the used eyeglasses donated at Dover Apothecary for distribution to people around the world.

Helen Keller’s eloquent plea for support of blind people challenged the Lions to become, “knights of the blind in a crusade against darkness” and Lions have done that for almost a century.
Port Dover Lions have taken on a bigger role in this cause than at any time in the club’s 80 years of community service.
Local Lions are asking residents to go through their drawers and donate any unwanted eyeglasses. They can be dropped off at Dover Apothecary on Main Street where Lion Mike Marini will collect them or at Lions Silver Lake Market on Saturdays.
Port Dover Lions are also providing a Guide Dog for a blind person. Everyone knows and respects the ability of Guide Dogs trained to assist blind people in their everyday life. In December 2018, Port Dover Lions members approved a donation of $25,000 for training a Guide Dog at the Lions Foundation of Canada Guide Dogs in Oakville, Ont. It takes nearly two years to raise, train and partner a Guide Dog.
Port Dover Lions are also participating in the Lions A2 District KidSight Program. As part of this nationwide program, members will be trained and certified to use a special camera system that can test and reveal vision problems in young school age children.

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