‘Quietly Canadian in Port Dover’ Youth Writing Contest winners


THE “Quietly Canadian in Port Dover” Youth Writing Contest was on the theme “Why I Love Canada Day in Port Dover.” An anonymous local sponsor donated prizes.
Winners in the age 8 to 12 years group were: 1st Solon S, 2nd Maeve S, 3rd Jack P.

Here is the winning submission in the ages 8-12 category by Solon S.

Why I Love Canada Day
In Port Dover

I see fire trucks coming down the street
As I wiggle in my seat.
It is fun and colourful – I see red and white,
I hope I can stay up all night!
The bands sound awesome, they make me want to groove,
Slide, jump, wiggle and move.
The floats throw candy rockets.
I put them in my pockets.
Port Dover is our home, that we live in and have fun.
I watch the parade until it is all done.

o o o

In the ages 13-15 category, winners were: 1st Laura M, 2nd Rex D-V.
Here is the submission from Laura M.

A Place to Grow

One year older as a country,
We must celebrate.
Get dressed up in red and white,
Hurry, don’t be late!

Sit along the roadsides cheering
For our favourite floats.
Don’t forget the soapbox derby,
Or the parade of boats!

Catching candy, having fun,
As music is playing loud.
Seeing all the Canadian flags,
My country makes me proud.

After having so much fun,
We’ve got to take a break.
For tonight there will be fireworks,
Glistening over Silver Lake.

Singing our anthem with my town,
Just let’s me know
That Canada is a special place,
An amazing place to grow.

o o o

In the ages 16-19 category, winners were: 1st Jane R, 2nd Rasa K & Sophia M (tie), 3rd Kali N.
Here is the submission from winner Jane R.

Canada Day in Port Dover helped shape me as a person. As a child, it taught me the value of volunteer work and helped me to understand the role of Lions Clubs around the world. Over the years, I’ve helped prepare Silver Lake Park for the day and stood on the streets selling buttons for July 1st. I’ve explained the value of these $2 buttons to thousands of people, however I still see people of all ages sneaking over the temporary fences because “it’s only two dollars…” I’ve learned that I don’t want to surround myself with those people, but rather those that come together for the sake of our community on Canada Day.
As I got older, Canada Day was no longer a day off for us students now working in the downtown core. One of the best days to work at The Arbor is July 1st. Not only did I have a front row seat to the excitement, but I was the excitement: I loved getting dressed up in my Canada gear for work and a lot of customers really dug the holiday spirit. Our boss would buy us KFC and we’d have a staff potluck with enough leftovers to last us through the week!
Being a part of tourists’ “Canada Day in Port Dover” has always been rewarding. I believe a child is shaped by their environment. I was fortunate enough to have been raised in a community that creates a safe, inclusive and exciting environment, and one that allows for the festivities that take place every year on July 1st. Thanks to the Port Dover Lions Club and others who help create this community. I love Canada Day in Port Dover!

o o o

Photos of all contest winners and entrants are available for viewing on the “Quietly Canadian in Port Dover” Facebook page by scrolling down from the top of the page.
Pet Contest winners can pick up their gift bag prize at A Pet’s Delight in the Esso plaza during this month’s Grand Opening.

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