Port Dover’s St. Cecilia students promote eating local for Earth Day

Port Dover St. Cecilia's

The Big Crunch at St. Cecilia Separate School saw students biting into Norfolk apples as part of Earth Day and a campaign to eat local.

By Donna McMillan
St. Cecilia Separate School students and staff celebrated Earth Day April 22 by getting acquainted with growers and producers in Norfolk County and having a simultaneous Big Crunch.
The entire student body learned the importance of eating local to reduce emissions from transportation, to avoid foreign pesticide use, to lessen handling and therefore the risk of contamination, to support Norfolk farmers, businesses and the local economy and because local produce is fresher, healthier and tastes better.
Norfolk Fruit Growers, Scotlynn Commodities, Bonnie Heath Lavender, Pleasant Port Fish Company, Meadow Lynn Farms, The Cider Keg, Sweet Pea Community Supported Agriculture, Round Plains Plantation and The Dover Cheese Shop were all staffing displays that catered to students.
There was strawberry lemonade to sample, mini watermelons to eat, cheese to sample and more. And, the students all bit into apples, the remains to be composted, for the big crunch.
“Norfolk County is our home. We need to take care of it”, Principal Alice Skroka told the Maple Leaf as she talked about the importance of conservation, waste minimization, the greening of school grounds and environmental stewardship. This is all part of an ECO certification program that the school is involved in, she explained. It is incorporated in the 163 student population’s curriculum.
Nora Taylor, staff rep for the Seahawks Eco Team, shared with the student body and guests that 2013/2014 initiatives have included the following: turning lights, smart boards and projectors off; bins in every room for paper that is Good On One Side; Reducing the number of plastic water bottles by using refillable bottles; Boomerang lunches every Wednesday that see all packaging going home; recycling unwanted books; battery recycling; cell phone recycling; participating in the Maureen Dodd Recycled Art Show; spring clothing drive; and many educational programs.
Also, as part of Earth Day, students were doing outdoors clean-up.


Posted: April 30, 2014


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