Port Dover prime riverfront property sold

This large piece of riverfront property owned by Harry Gamble Shipyards for many decades has been sold to a new company called Port Dover Developments Inc.

A large piece of valuable waterfront property owned for many decades by Harry Gamble Shipyard along the Lynn River opposite Port Dover Yacht Club has been sold. The purchaser is a new company called Port Dover Developments Inc.
Jamie Nadrofsky of Nadro Marine on River Drive confirmed for The Maple Leaf this week that three shareholders have established Port Dover Developments Inc for the purpose of purchasing this piece of land and additional property in the future from Harry Gamble Shipyard.
Future plans for the property have not been finalized or approved but the intended use is for a residential complex with condominiums and shopping. Mr. Nadrofsky said “this property has a huge potential.”
As well as Mr. Nadrofsky, the other shareholders are Blair McNeil — the lead investor, who for many years ran McKeil Marine in Hamilton — and Rick Heddle. All three have business and residential interests in the Port Dover area.
The first property in the deal is the riverside location from the water’s edge to Lynn Street. The purchase price is $2.5 million. Mr. Nadrofsky stated the Gambles have until year end to clear the site. The property currently has machinery, boats and other items stored there.
He reported Port Dover Developments Inc. will begin the planning process and engineering for the property early in 2018.
When asked about the neighbouring Gamble Shipyard property bounded by Market, Chapman and Lynn Streets Mr. Nadrofsky stated “absolutely” they will acquire it as part of their development plan.
Mr. Nadrofsky commented he has known Harry Gamble Sr. for many years and has great respect for him. He said he has been a frequent visitor at the Gamble shipyard over many years and is delighted to be part of this business transaction.
Mr. Nadrofsky noted the property the shareholders have purchased “is the jewel of Port Dover.”
When contacted, Harry Gamble Shipyard had no comment for The Maple Leaf.
George Gamble came to Port Dover from Port Rowan in 1911. In 1924, his skills as a mechanic and inventor saw the launch of his first boat. George Gamble then led the transition from building wooden fishing boats to all-steel tugs with the unique enclosed bow deck design so familiar in the fishing tugs today. George’s son Harry Gamble Sr. continued boat building, expanded the business and undertook many other marine projects. Harry’s sons Rick Gamble and Doug Gamble are involved in the business.


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