Port Dover Open Studio on weekend

By Donna McMillan

Kelly Bell of Port Dover has been a beachcomber and a crocheter all her life. She has put the two together to create through her “Funky Finds Design” business beautiful macramé hanging pieces of art. Yes, the art of knotting strings in patterns to make decorative articles, so popular in its heyday in the ’70s, is experiencing a revival.

Above: Dave Scruton and Norah Browne with Dave’s metal art work.

Kelly told the Maple Leaf she likes to collect driftwood along area beaches to use as hangers. “I pick up the sticks and make them look pretty,” she said. Kelly was one of 20 artists, displaying in 10 studios as part of Open Studios Port Dover on the weekend.
Mac Curwain is an environmental artist who makes sculptures and pieces of artwork out of found garbage. “Rusty girlbits are made by an eco-conscious, earth-loving, litter hating, self-proclaimed misfit human, using found objects and trash,” she shared in a description of her art work.
Dave Scruton, another first time participant in Open Studio, was showcasing his steel work at the Pottery Studio of Norah Brown. He described himself as an “Old Dawg putting a local flavor to nautical metal art.”
The weekend weather was perfect for the Studio Tour, with all studios visited saying they enjoyed a steady stream of visitors.


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