Port Dover Misner Dam repairs expected next summer

Misner Dam, at lower left, holds back the lowered water level of Silver Lake. Top right shows that silt has filled in much of the former lake area. Photo by Earl Hartlen & pilot Brent Smith

MISNER Dam is on track to be repaired sometime after July 1, 2018.
The project will likely go out for tender early next year, Lee Robinson, general manager of public works and environmental services, told county councillors last Tuesday.
Government permits specify the work must be done during a window of time after July 1 to protect fish in the Lynn River.
Mayor Charlie Luke told councillors he had hoped to hire a contractor in 2017.
The mayor asked Ms. Robinson if the Ministry of Natural Resources had held things up.
Ms. Robinson said no, the project is moving through the process.
Mayor Luke then asked if council could do anything to move things along.
Ms. Robinson said no.
Consulting engineers are six to eight weeks behind in drawing up details of the tender.
Ms. Robinson said that’s not a problem because the work can’t be done until after July 1.
In June 2016, the county estimated dam repairs would cost $929,000.
Norfolk has budgeted $1.1 million for the work.
Water at the historic Misner Dam has been lowered since 2009 because of safety concerns.
The MNR has agreed to repairs on condition that the dam can’t control water levels in Silver Lake.
Port Dover Coun. John Wells has adopted a wait-and-see attitude toward dam repairs.
“I hope it comes to pass,” he said in an interview.
“If it comes to fruition, I’ll be the first to say ‘congratulations’ and ‘it’s about time.’”


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