Phragmites growing in Silver Lake sprayed

The crew from the Invasive Species Control program of the Nature Conservancy of Canada had perfect weather last week to spray the invasive Phragmites plants which are spreading in Silver Lake. The second step is to roll and flatten the plants. Photo by John Carrington.

SILVER Lake will look a lot different next year.

With perfect weather and no complications, the spraying of the tall, invasive Phragmites plants was completed last week in just two days. The spraying was done by the Invasive Species Control program of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). The same crew has also been conducting the Phragmites control operations at Long Point.

The Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association (PDWPA) approached the NCC to arrange the Phragmites control initiative here.

The invasive plant is originally from Europe. It has taken over large sections of wetlands in Southern Ontario, displacing native plants such as cattails and degrading habitat for wildlife.

“Eradicating the plant here is a key step for the Silver Lake revitalization project,” says PDWPA President Paul Creighton.

The revitalization of Silver Lake is being spearheaded by the PDWPA with a steering committee that includes Port Dover Lions Club; Long Point Biosphere Reserve; Port Dover Yacht Club; Port Dover Board of Trade; Port Dover Harbour Authority.

Brett Norman, the NCC program manager, reports that his crew will return in November, or early spring, depending on the weather, to roll and flatten the Phragmites that was sprayed last Thursday and Friday.

“Our machines don’t do well in the snow, but if the weather holds, we will be able to flatten the Phragmites in November this year,” he said.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada received support for the initiative from Port Dover Lions Club, the Port Dover Foundation and local individuals.


Originally published October 6, 2021

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