OPP reminding drivers to be alert as traffic increased on Friday the 13th

Norfolk County OPP would like to remind the public that Friday the 13th, a largely attended event in Port Dover, is quickly approaching.

As always, the OPP’s priority is community safety. The OPP will have a high visibility police presence in and around Port Dover with a heavy focus on traffic flow and direction.

The OPP recognize that the vast majority of people attending Friday the 13th events are motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy the camaraderie of other motorcyclists and the opportunity to view the rides on display at these events.

However, as with any large gathering, there is a safety risk to those in attendance. The general public needs to be aware that there is a potential of criminal activity associated with those in attendance. Police want to warn the public that the open display of any gang related clothing or paraphernalia may put them at risk of being targeted by rivals.

The police are putting forward their best efforts to ensure a safe and family oriented event but it is imperative that the public do their part as well by being mindful of the risks and report any suspicious activity or behaviour to police immediately.

“There is going to be an increase in motorcycle traffic on the roadways as we approach Friday the 13th and we need the motoring public to be aware of their surroundings at all times. We want everyone attending Port Dover to act in a safe, mature and responsible manner and to put their safety as a priority” – Inspector Joseph Varga, Detachment Commander, Norfolk County OPP.

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