The One Act Festival proving very popular

Port Dover’s own Lighthouse Festival Theatre has been providing live, professional entertainment to over 40,000 patrons each summer for almost 40 years. Of these 40,000 theatre goers, over 80% travel to Port Dover from outside of the county, taking in all that Port Dover has to offer before and after their theatrical experience.
Three years ago, Artistic Director Derek Ritschel wanted to compliment the booming summer season of live plays with a new winter series which he coined “The One Act Festival.”
“The One Act Festival is just another terrific addition to the Norfolk entertainment menu that proves that a long drive to Toronto is no longer required. Right here in our own backyard are world class entertainers for a remarkably low price,” Mr. Ritschel shares.
The series launched in 2016 and featured three productions, with one performance in January, February and March.
With theatre staff unsure how a winter series of plays would be received in the community, the first year they scheduled only one performance of each play. It was a huge success and each show opened to a sold out audience and attendance reached over 1000 patrons. The festival was deemed a great success and grew in the second year.
Now entering its third year, the winter series has doubled performances from three to six shows. The first pair of matinee and evening shows this Saturday are almost sold out with audience numbers expected to reach an astounding 100% growth by the end of the 2018 series.
“The goal with the One Act Festival was to bring professional entertainment to Norfolk during the winter months. They said it would never work and here we are; year three and growing rapidly,” Mr. Ritschel beams. “It just goes to prove that it’s never a good idea to underestimate the audience of Lighthouse. They truly are the best.”
The festival kicks off with the masterfully witty, fast paced physical comedy “Three Men in a Boat” this Saturday, Jan. 27.
Next in line is Chris Gibbs, star and creator of “Like Father, Like Son? Sorry” from The One Act Festival’s inaugural year. He’s back with his one man, uproarious show “Not Quite Sherlock” on February 24.
The series wraps up with the return of Rebecca Perry and the outrageous second story of Joanie Little in “Adventures of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl” on March 24.
Tickets just $25 each or $65 for a three show subscription. For more information visit the box office or online at or call the box office at 519-583-2221.


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