Norfolk County asks Port Dover residents and business to conserve water

Water safe but algae is clogging fine screens that need to be manually cleaned

Norfolk County is asking water users in Port Dover to conserve water until at least Monday.

Bob Fields, Environmental Services Manager at Norfolk County says “we are experiencing challenges with the Port Dover Water Treatment Plant and its water supply. Recent storms have led to a significant increase in algae in the water.”

“Our water treatment plant is able to remove the algae however it is clogging the fine screens used to remove the algae. This has led to increased shut downs to allow operators to manually clean the screens.”

These shut downs have reduced the amount of water the plant can produce to supply the community of Port Dover.

Norfolk County assures residents that the drinking water continues to be safe and meets all regulatory requirements.

A reduction in the amount of water consumed in necessary to ensure adequate water supply for fire protection and maintaining water pressures.

Mr. Fields says “during this period, we would ask residents and businesses to limit their use of water to normal inside water usage and that bulk water haulers please use the facilities located in Simcoe and Waterford. Any outdoor water usage should be suspended until next week. Thank you for your cooperation in limiting your water use and your patience while we respond to these challenging conditions with the Port Dover Water Supply.”

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