No sidewalks when Donjon gets $920,000 work next year

DONJON Boulevard will not get a sidewalk.
County councillors agreed last Thursday to remove a sidewalk from plans to reconstruct the boulevard next year.
Removing the sidewalk will cut $65,000 from the project, which had been budgeted to cost $920,000.
The county had planned to install a sidewalk on the east side of Donjon Boulevard between Highway 6 and Jaylin Crescent.
Most residents don’t want a sidewalk, spokesperson Denise Bosnjak of 10 Donjon Blvd. told a county committee meeting.

Above: Looking down Donjon Boulevard from Highway 6 intersection

A sidewalk would have required residents, many of them elderly, to clear snow in front of large properties 80 to 200 feet wide.
A sidewalk also would have reduced parking space in driveways.
Council will consider residents’ suggestion of installing a bike lane or paved shoulder on Donjon Boulevard.
Councillors encourage walking and biking, Port Dover Coun. Amy Martin said in an interview.
Sidewalks are not negotiable in new subdivisions where they are needed now and in the future, Coun. Martin said.
But Coun. Martin said councillors appreciate people have lived on Donjon Boulevard without a sidewalk for many years and they don’t feel the need for a sidewalk now.
Road reconstruction originally was planned to take place this year.
The project was delayed after only one company bid on the job. The company’s price of $2.4 million was almost $1.5 million higher than the project’s budget.
Council hopes to get a better price early in 2020 when companies are looking for work.


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