Motorcycles off Main St. Friday 13th between Park and Nelson Street


MOTORCYLES will park on one block of downtown Main Street at September’s Friday the 13th event.
Bikes will park at the curb for one block south from Powell Park to Clinton Street.
Motorcycles and vendors will share downtown Main Street under the final plan approved by county council last Tuesday.
Bikes will park on the street in the downtown area only from Park Street to Clinton Street.
Vendors of T-shirts and other merchandise will fill Main Street north from Powell Park to Nelson Street.
Main Street north of Nelson Street to Clifford Street will be reserved for more motorcycle parking.
Earlier plans had proposed to reserve all of downtown Main Street for vendors.

Above: Norfolk County has decided that there will be no bike parking allowed on Main Street this Friday the 13th between Powell Park and Nelson Street.

But motorcycles are the big attraction of Friday the 13th, Port Dover Coun. Amy Martin said in an interview.
People come to look at bikes and to people watch, she said.
Vendors will have more than enough space on Main Street under the finalized plan, Coun. Martin said.
Food vendors will be centralized in Powell Park.
In addition to Main Street, motorcycles will have reserved parking at the Elmer Lewis Parkette and at the municipal parking lot on Clinton Street.
Motorcycle parking also will be reserved on St. George Street, Harbour Street and on some blocks of downtown St. Andrew Street and St. Patrick Street.
The latest parking plan makes changes while preserving the culture of Friday the 13th, Coun. Martin told council.
The change was introduced largely based on a concern about liability when motorcycles are moving along Main Street amongst crowds of thousands of people also walking on the roadway.
Vendors who in September will be located in the parking spots along Main Street were previously in Powell Park and Elmer Lewis Parkette.
Food vendors which had previously been located on Chapman Street West will move to Powell Park.



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