“Month of May Food Drive” seeks community support


Organizers of this year’s “Month of May Food Drive” for the Port Dover & Area Lifeline Food Bank explain how you can help.

Cash donations are being accepted at Mike’s No Frills and Port Dover Scotiabank.


THIS year’s 2020 ‘Month of May Food Drive’ will be just a little different than what we have done in the past because of course the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed the world we live in so very, very much. We are all facing so many challenges in the world today and also in our own little town of Port Dover as well.
Because of this, we will not be able to place boxes in the various stores around town and ask for your support in the usual way. BUT your support none-the-less is still needed and now more than ever.
So here is what we have planned to do in 2020 and it is my sincere hope that we can count on all of you in Port Dover & the Surrounding Area to lend your support for The Port Dover & Area Lifeline Food Bank.
The Port Dover Board of Trade has agreed again this year to be the Sponsor of this year’s Month of May Food Drive along with the perpetual assistance of Mike’s No Frills and the support of the Port Dover Scotia Bank branch.
A visit was made to The Food Bank on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 in order to bring you some updated statistics which are as follows:
o?The Port Dover and Area Lifeline Food Bank continues to operate and serve those in need of this service here in Port Dover & surrounding area.
o?The hours of operation are each Tuesday from 9:30 am until 12 noon.
o?Because of COVID-19, the volunteer staff will be preparing bags of groceries to suit the needs of individuals and families requiring assistance. While the safe distancing rules are in place in Norfolk County, only staff volunteers may enter The Food Bank.
o?A temporary table has been set up outside the entrance to the Food Bank and when the requirements of each recipient have been collected from the Food Bank shelves, they will be placed on the outside table for pick-up.
These extreme times are affecting all of us in varying ways. A lot of extra people (individuals and families) that would not ordinarily require the assistance the Food Bank offers, may find that they could use some temporary help now. Please know that you are most welcome to access this service. You will be required to give minimal information and arrangements can be made by calling (519-909-2845) this is The Food Bank number. So leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.
A few current statistics about the Port Dover & Area Lifeline Food Bank 2020.
o?There are at present, for the last four week period, 107 persons in total accessing this service due to COVID-19 but this number generally increases substantially during the winter months. The current number breaks down into the following: 58 families which includes adults, children and seniors.
The cost of operating this service per month is great and includes rental of the facilities and essential services, plus the cost of purchasing all perishable food products … it takes a lot of support from you to make it happen.
Please Note: There are no paid employees; all personnel operating The Food Bank are volunteers.
There are some 60 local volunteers which includes The Board of Trustees. Due to the current pandemic however the Board have chosen to keep the volunteers working to a minimum for spatial distancing. The volunteers are very dedicated to this mission and are greatly appreciated.

‘ Supporters of our Local Food Bank’

We can never say thanks enough times to all of you in Port Dover and area for your continued support of this essential service for without that support the Port Dover & Area Lifeline Food Bank would and could not exist. On behalf of all of those who access this service and all the volunteers that make this happen … thank you!
Special thanks to the following:
o?Mike’s No Frills grocery store for your continued perpetual support. The large grocery cart you provide that gets filled every week by generous donors for the Food Bank is simply amazing.
For this year’s 2020 Month of May Food Drive, Mike’s No Frills has agreed to further participate by asking each customer to donate $2.00 to the Food Bank with a slight variation – when you are asked to donate, you can donate any multiple of $2.00 you want, in other words if you want to donate $10 or $20, just tell the cashier.
Thank you Mike and Christina Ramirez and staff for your continued support and assistance.
o?The Scotia Bank has always been a strong supporter for Port Dover and that includes The Port Dover & Area Lifeline Food Bank. They have donated to the Food Bank many thousands of dollars over the years.
A special account for the Food Bank has been set up for the duration of this Food Bank Drive so that you can make a cash donation in support of the Food Bank directly into this account. You may also, if you prefer, drop into the bank with a cheque for the Food Bank. All donations will be held In Trust until the Month of May Food Drive ends on Friday, May 29th 2020, at which time all money collected will be turn over to The Food Bank.
o o o
If you make a donation of $20 or more, you will be issued a tax receipt by The Port Dover & Area Lifeline Food Bank (which is a registered Charitable Organization) at the end of their fiscal year. Please make sure that your name and address accompanies your donation. (All cheques should be made payable to The Port Dover & Area Lifeline Food Bank.)
If you cannot get into Scotia Bank to make your donation, you may also mail your cheque donation to Harry J. Smith at P.O. Box 342 Port Dover, Ont. N0A 1N0 and it will be turned over to the Scotia Bank to be held In Trust.
It costs a substantial amount of money to operate this essential service in our community of Port Dover and area each year and your generous support is truly appreciated.
With that in mind, we are setting a goal to raise $10,000 for this year’s Month of May Food Drive 2020 for The Port Dover & Area Lifeline Food Bank and with your support, we just know that our goal will be achieved!
Thanks again from all of us….

Port Dover & Area Lifeline Food Bank
Port Dover Board of Trade
Mike’s No Frills, Port Dover
Scotia Bank, Port Dover Branch
Bruce (House) Milner
& Harry J. Smith

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