Misner property could be waterfall park, sluiceway fish ladder

dam 1

There is a sluiceway between the vacant Misner Fertilizer plant and Harry Gamble shipyard. It was used for feeding Silver Lake water to a water turbine wheel that originally ran the line shaft driving the woolen mill equipment. Misner’s mill utilized that power source to grind fertilizer and bag it for sale to farmers, later converted to hydro with large electric motors.
I can recollect when the mill was in operation still using the turbine, when gate and flow was released the annual spring run of lake carp (and other fish) tried to ascend into Silver Lake while others tried to jump the main dam.
I am sure the sluiceway could be used as a fish ladder, as it is still there, the opening had been closed and sealed when the new bridge was built. There is a great picture of the woollen mill with the open sluiceway in The Maple Leaf, February 27 edition.
If the County bought the mill, opened the suggested fish ladder, tore down the (vacant) Misner building and enhanced the area as a waterfall park, it would be money well spent and increase green space. Try to visualize the area … it is a perfect picture. Public funds could support the project, as well as political backing and there could be government funding.

Jim Murphy
Port Dover

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