Misner Dam repairs totalling $1,679,850 expected to be awarded


WHEN the Norfolk County Council information package was released last Friday the long-awaited Misner Dam rehabilitation report and tender amounts were included.
This project involves securing the dam to bedrock; repairing concrete; and removal of the unused steel bridge over the dam.
The project is only able to proceed upon receipt of required approvals including approval under the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act administered by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry which was granted on October 7th of this year.
Seven bids for the repair of Misner Dam were received ranging in price from $2.775-million to $1.458-million. The low tender, which staff is recommending councillors accept, is from Bronte Construction.
Other costs include $200,000 for engineering and HST.
The construction will take place over two years to comply with approvals for in-water work. The Misner Dam rehabilitation is to be funded from the issuance of debentures.
The debate and vote by Norfolk councillors took place after the Maple Leaf’s press deadline. A full report will be in next week’s paper. This project has spanned a decade and three different Norfolk mayors.
The last council was expected to approve the repairs to Misner Dam but that vote was unexpectedly defeated.
Paul Creighton, President of the Port Dover Waterfront Preservation Association, said “of course, as the saying goes, “it ain’t over until it’s over.” However, with what has happened over the past 12 months, we are hopeful that Council will approve staff’s recommendation to award the contract to repair the Misner Dam. If so, this decision would then be confirmed at the Dec. 17th Council meeting, thereby authorizing staff to award the contract in early January.”


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