Million dollar repair (or more) needed for water treatment plant

Port Dover’s water treatment plant on Nelson Street West.

EXPENSIVE work could be on tap at Port Dover’s water treatment plant on Nelson Street West.
It involves the plant’s clarifier, a large metal tank that’s a key part of the water treatment process.
The tank’s outside wall is showing corrosion.
An inspection of the tank’s interior walls and floor has been ordered.
To do that, the tank must be drained of water while a temporary, rented clarifier takes its place.
The inspection will show if the existing clarifier can be repaired or — more expensively — replaced.
A new clarifier would cost in “the millions of dollars range,” Lee Robinson, general manager of public works and environmental services, told county councillors last Tuesday.
Service will not be disrupted during the inspection and upgrades at the plant, Mayor Charlie Luke said.
Water users won’t notice any difference while the temporary clarifier is in place, Ms. Robinson promised in a report.
But if there’s high demand for water during warm months, the county may have to encourage water conservation.
Port Dover Coun. John Wells in an interview praised county staff for being on top of the water plant situation.
As for possibly spending millions of dollars for upgrades, Coun. Wells said, “What choice do we have?
“We need clean water. If it’s a million dollars, that’s what we need.”


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