Memorial will honour all Port Dover’s firefighters


A monument honouring Port Dover firefighters will be placed in Powell Park next year.
The $25,000 stone monument will list the names of about 80 firefighters who have served Port Dover over the last 100 years.
Further names will be added as firefighters retire.
The Port Dover Firefighters Association plans to erect the memorial as part of celebrations for 100 years of organized firefighting in Port Dover, firefighter Jeff Soles told county councillors last Thursday.
The monument will be situated on the southwest side of Powell Park near Main Street.
Firefighters will own and maintain the monument.
The monument will have space for 350 names.
J & M Memorials is designing the monument.
An illustration, similar to what Port Dover firefighters envision, shows a stone with firefighters’ names.

Above the names is written the Firefighters’ Prayer. A Maltese cross, a symbol of firefighters, tops the monument.
Councillors voted unanimously to permit the monument in Powell Park.
“How exciting! I love it,” Port Dover Coun. Amy Martin said in an interview.
Coun. Martin said the project is a great example of firefighters and council working together.
“We’re lucky to have them,” Coun. Martin said.

At left: Jeff Soles, chair of the committee organizing next year’s celebrations for the 100th anniversary of organized firefighting in Port Dover.

“Any way we can support them, I’m all for it.”
Organized firefighting began in Port Dover in 1920.
The monument will honour Port Dover firefighters who served with the Town of Port Dover, City of Nanticoke or Norfolk County.


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