Memorial Grove honours citizens



FOR the 19th consecutive year, the Port Dover Lions Club Memorial Grove Committee has purchased trees in memory of citizens that had passed away in the previous 12 months.
Co-Chair John Hall welcomed the gathering of about 70 people at 2:00 p.m. last Sunday; assisting in arrangements was Co-Chair Pat Hall. Taking a lead in the message were local clergy, Rev. Sheena Marini and Rev. Kathryn Vance along with Piper Murray McKnight.

John Hall read the names from the register of the 24 people being honoured while Pat Hall distributed copies of the scroll containing all the names. The two ministers shared the message through meditation, verse, prayers, and alternately reading verses of the 23rd Psalm. The message had been prepared to comfort those mourning the loss of a loved one.
Piper McKnight began with the playing of ‘The Battle’s Over’ and ‘Amazing Grace’.

Above: Those taking part in the Memorial Grove program were (left to right) Rev. Sheena Marini, Rev. Kathryn Vance, John Hall, Murray McKnight and Pat Hall.

Financial support of about $2,000 had been given in the past year for the purchase of ten trees, which included birch, tulip, maples and red oaks.
Those wishing to make a donation of $25 (or more) should contact John and Pat Hall or Port Dover Lions Club.
Memorial Grove in Silver Lake Park is near the warehouse building off Greenock Street. The committee co-chairs were instrumental in the establishment of the Memorial Grove.


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