Mathews on 150k run for Canada’s 150th birthday

Raising funds and awareness for Terry Fox Foundation

Michael Mathews is attempting to run four marathons in as many days, in an effort to bring awareness of Terry Fox to a new generation. If all goes as planned, Mathews will finish his four day event by running his 150th kilometre into town and joining the Canada Day Parade in Port Dover.

By Heather Walters

DAY One of Michael Mathews marathon mission began today (June 28) at Elgin Avenue Public School in Simcoe, at 9:00 a.m.
It is the Port Dover resident’s hope to complete his four day, 150k run on July 1 by joining the Canada Day Parade in Port Dover.
He calls his fundraiser “Run Like a Wolf for the Fox,” in memory of a his childhood hero, Terry Fox. His goal is to raise money for cancer research, and to bring awareness of who Terry Fox was and what Terry Fox accomplished to the next generation.
Michael’s route will take him from school to school throughout Norfolk. Over the four day run, he will stop at schools in Bloomsburg, Waterford, Boston, Teeterville, Delhi, Courtland, Langton, Port Rowan and then begin to thread his way back to Port Dover through St. Williams, Normandale, and Port Ryerse.
At each school visit, Michael will take time to speak with students about his mission and about the man that inspired it.
Prior to the marathon start, Michael stated he was feeling fit, and ready for the challenge.
“I know I am physically strong enough,” he said. “It’s more about the mental game. That is where I will have to dig very deep.”
He has trained for the run for months, tapering down the mileage the last couple of weeks in order for his body to rest and restore itself before the big push.
He was happy to report that Scotiabank had pledged to match the first $3000 in donations that are made at the bank. Anyone wishing to can donate at the Scotiabank – account # 924520437727 or online at (look for the Run like a Wolf for the Fox link).
His hope is to inspire every citizen residing in the Norfolk area to donate at least $1, which would generate almost $65,000 – all of which will go towards cancer research.
Michael Mathew’s uncle, Bruce Steinhoff, has donated a painting which is being raffled off. It is on display at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre. Tickets can be purchased there. Again all proceeds from the raffle will go directly to cancer research.
Michael will have a vehicle leading the way carrying supplies as well as collecting donations along the route. Another support vehicle will follow him, for safety precautions and to provide water, food and first aid supplies.
On day one he will run 45.7 k, day two – 39.9, day three – 43.1 and day four – 26.9 (before the parade route) which brings the young man to a total of 155 k run.


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