Marina dock damage repaired


A heavy wind storm last Hallowe’en night saw lake waters rise onto low lying areas including Walker Street and River Drive.
At Port Dover Harbour Marina two sailboats were blown off their cradles with heavy damage.

At left: Port Dover Harbour Marina in Winter.                                                      Photo by Earl Hartlen

Winds also damaged the floating docks. Norfolk County’s Marina Manager Janet Blackburn reports that all the docks are repaired. She says Docks 1 and 2 suffered the greatest damage with both the chains and anchors that hold the docks in place needing repairs.
Divers were sent in the water to check all the docks and there was damage to chains on every dock.

Ms Blackburn said “Scruton Marine did a great job repairing the docks.” They worked throughout November and had all the repairs completed by the first week of December.

In her 34 seasons working at Port Dover Marina, Ms Blackburn says she had never before seen the level of surge or amount of damage that resulted from the October storm. Now, any forecast of winds reaching 100 km/hr have her “very concerned.”
The marina is ready for spring and, weather permitting, will open on schedule in May.

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