Major improvements at the Port Dover Harbour Basin


Port Dover Inner Harbour Basin has been undergoing major rehabilitation work since October 2017. The cost of the repair and maintenance work is $2,092,650.
The project includes rehabilitating all the jetties, which includes new pilings, fendering, and electrical system. Replacing the deteriorated concrete loading area on the east wall. Removing and reinstalling new storm sewers and outfalls. Resurfacing the existing asphalt roads.
Rosaleen O’Mahony, Communications Advisor of Fisheries and Oceans Canada reported to The Maple Leaf this week “Small craft harbours are crucial to the fishing industry, and by extension, the Canadian culture and economy. Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Small Craft Harbours program is responsible for keeping harbours that are critical to the fishing industry open and in good repair.”
Port Dover Port Authority member George Gibbons reported on Monday that “the work is a little behind schedule because of winter weather,” adding “it should be completed in April for sure.”
Of the seven jetties in the Inner Harbour Basin, four are completely finished, the others are in various stages of completion.
All seven have had extensive updates, with two docks being completely rebuilt, Mr. Gibbons reported, noting crews of Bronte Construction of Oakville were pouring concrete that day. All jetties will have new concrete surfaces.
He said all the jetties in the basin are exactly the same size as previously.
Mr. Gibbons, president of Pleasant Port Fish Co. located there, commented “all the hard stuff is done and most are ready to go. The rebuilding of all the jetties is a major improvement.”


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