Lynn River Music Festival profits shared with local organizations

Local organizations were on hand Thursday morning to accept cheques from Port Dover Board of Trade for their volunteer support of the Lynn River Music Festival. From left, Lynn River Music & Arts Festival co-ordinator Susan Robertson presents $500 cheque to Lighthouse Festival Theatre’s Kathy Bonney; Board of Trade President Adam Veri; Norfolk Rotaract Secretary Nikki Campbell-Schram accepts a $2500 cheque from Board of Trade manager Jan Overend. Port Dover Minor Hockey Association also received a $500 cheque.

Port Dover Board of Trade announced at its monthly meeting last Thursday that organizing the Lynn River Music Festival in Simcoe’s downtown parks on Civic Holiday weekend profited $6,300.
Board president Adam Veri then presented cheques totalling $3,500 to three local organizations that provided volunteer support throughout the weekend.
Norfolk Rotaract, the youth wing of Rotary which meets at Art With Heart in Port Dover, received $2,500 with $500 going to both Lighthouse Festival Theatre and Port Dover Minor Hockey Association.
Many other local service clubs benefited from the festival with food booths and vendor tents.
This was the Board of Trade’s first year as the organizer of the event which has been held in Simcoe’s parks since 1967.
The Board of Trade agreed to organize the event after the Rotary Club of Simcoe voted last year to end its role as principal organizer.
Mr. Veri, who had also chaired Rotary’s Festival committee, believed the Board of Trade’s background running Summer Festival Art-in-the-Park and Friday the 13th events gave it the operational expertise.
Board of Trade manager Jan Overend has coordinated all the Board’s events for a decade. She was joined for six months by Susan Robertson who has organized the Lynn River Music Festival for several years. Both worked out of the Board’s Market Street West office.
All the festival’s music was coordinated by Sara Moody-Veldhuis.
Mr. Veri told the meeting he was “very pleased with the results,” and noted “higher profits could be achieved another year with more volunteer assistance.”


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