Lynn Park streets new watermain construction starting in August

WATERMAIN replacements that began last year in Lynn Park subdivision will be completed this fall.
Elgin Construction received a $1.3 million contract from county council last Tuesday.
The St. Thomas company will replace watermains on Willowdale Crescent, Jackson Heights, East Street North, East Street South and O’Rourke Avenue.
In addition, East Street will be extended by 70 metres to connect the street’s north and south parts.
Owners of three unopened lots will be required to pay the $100,000 cost of extending the street to their properties.
Lynn Park Avenue at Highway 6 will be resurfaced as part of this year’s work.
The street by St. Cecila’s School has been in rough shape since it was torn up in phase one of watermain replacements last year.
This year’s work is scheduled to start in August and finish in October.

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