Lucas Wilson’s “Skeletons on Leslie” back October 26, 27, 31

PORT Dover illusionist and multiple Guinness World Record holder Lucas Wilson is known for his tricks, but this Halloween, he’ll be known for his tricks and treats. This coming weekend, Mr Wilson will be hosting a free, family-friendly Hallowe’en event, right here in Port Dover.
On October 26, 27 and 31 at 22 Leslie Ave in Port Dover, skeletons will take over the house. There’s an interactive lawn display, and light shows every 30 minutes featuring Hallowe’en favorites like “Monster Mash”, “Ghostbusters”, “Thriller”, “Time Warp” and “This is Halloween”.

Above: Lucas Wilson surrounded by his “Skeletons on Leslie” Hallowe’en event.

“Even in the rain last year, we saw hundreds of people visit Skeletons On Leslie. Neighbours said they had record numbers for trick or treaters. It’s been so much fun bringing Hallowe’en back to our small subdivision.”
The whole event takes a year of planning and dreaming up new ideas. Mr Wilson designs and builds most of the props himself and programs the light shows using a special computer program.
“The display isn’t meant to terrify anyone, but it might make you jump. Last year, my favorite part was watching people of all ages jump and then laugh because they were just scared by a plastic skeleton.”
Again this year, donations for the Port Dover Food Bank will be accepted. Over the last few years, Mr Wilson has collected over a thousand pounds of donations for the Port Dover food bank.
“With the support of my neighbours and community, Skeletons On Leslie is something that everyone can enjoy. Plus, we all can help do some good in the process.”
“Skeletons On Leslie” is open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 26 and Sunday, Oct. 27 with light shows every 30 minutes. On Halloween night, the lawn will come to life at 5 p.m. and run until 9 p.m. with light shows looping from 6:30 p.m.
The event is free and if you come dressed in a costume, any one of the nights, you’ll get candy. For more information visit


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