Light Up Boat Parade at pier Sunday

FOR boaters, it’s time to dig out the Christmas lights in preparation for the 9th annual Light-Up Boat Parade in Port Dover harbour.
Described by participants as “impromptu” and “under-organized,” this end-to-summer ritual will be held this Sunday (September 2) at 8 p.m. (ish).
This is a fun and largely unorganized, come-if-you-can local tradition. Light up your boat and join in or watch from the waterfront at the Museum, the Basin or the Pier for the best view.
The non-organizers say “the actual timing varies a bit depending on (1) when it actually gets dark and (2) when we all get our acts together and (3) when we can sweet-talk the fellas at the lift bridge into humouring us (again).”
This festivity is “brought to you by everyone on the water with a boat and Christmas lights and some with neither, or either, or none of the above.”
Everyone is invited and it’s a nice way to wind up summer.


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