Kinsmen draw bike winner; announce research underway to build Splash Pad

ON October 14, Port Dover Kinsmen Club held its Indian Scout Bobber bike raffle at the Port Dover Kinsmen Park pavilion. Councillor Amy Martin drew the winning tickets.
Proceeds from the raffle will benefit Port Dover and surrounding area in many ways. The Port Dover Kinsmen Club has been a long-time donor to local charities, organizations and clubs.
For over 20 years, the club has been organizing a large portion of the Friday the 13th event in Port Dover. The Kinsmen use events such as Friday the 13th to assist in raising funds for parks, parking lots, memorial benches, pavilions, dugouts and more. In a news release, the local Kinsmen say that “due to unfortunate weather and visitors not being directed to the out-of-town parking lots, this past September 13th event was not as successful as hoped. However, this draw has helped increase funds by over $20,000.”

Above: Peter Barratt, left, winner of the 2019 Indian Scout Bobber with Kinsmen Club President Kyle Kitchen.

Local Kinsmen will continue to donate to local charities and to Cystic Fibrosis Canada which the club has been recognized by CF Canada and Kin Canada with awards for donations over many years.
The local club has also begun research for a proposed splash pad for Port Dover. While the discussions are in the early stages, the club hopes to gather more information over the winter months to present formally to Norfolk County in order to begin the process.

The Kinsmen Club of Port Dover says it “has always had the best interests of the community at heart” and “want to make a difference in Port Dover and Norfolk County.” Club members work to make the community better for everyone.
The winners of the bike raffle were: third place prize of a $250 LCBO gift card was Kathleen Turner of Simcoe; second place – $500 VISA gift card was Matt Taylor of Vittoria; and winning the 2019 Indian Scout Bobber Motorcycle was Peter Barratt of Halton Hills.
Mr. Barratt said he’s a big supporter of Friday the 13th and has attended over six events. He said he looks forward to riding his new bike to Port Dover for the next event.
Kinsmen Club members thanked everyone who bought tickets or supported the raffle by selling tickets, promoting the raffle or encouraging ticket sales.


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