John Wells says councillors “have no power”

JOHN Wells has again expressed his frustration with county council’s lack of power to help residents with problems that belong to the provincial and federal governments.
County council is a “shit shield,” catching the flak for decisions made by senior levels of government, the veteran Port Dover councillor told a committee meeting last Tuesday.
Coun. Wells said he had recently read that the Ontario government is not concerned about odour from marijuana grow operations.
But neighbours are concerned about the smell and many have called on Norfolk to do something, Coun. Wells said.
So far council has not been able to help.
Coun. Wells said council’s lack of power is the reason he won’t seek re-election in next October’s municipal election.
“People wonder why I am leaving. It’s because we have no power,” he said.
He then quoted former Ward 1 Coun. Ted Whitworth:
“We around this (council) table are just a shit shield and you know the longer I sit here, the more convinced I am that we get all the flak and it’s not getting any better.”
In an interview, Coun. Wells said he is not sure what councillors do anymore.
“Everybody (senior governments) tells us what to do and when to do it,” he said.
“They make the rules. What’s the point?”
As he approaches leaving council, Coun. Wells isn’t optimistic he will be able to look back and say he has made a positive difference.
“I don’t think I will have that warm fuzzy feeling,” he said.


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