Improvements coming to Port Dover’s wastewater treatment plant

NORFOLK County is planning to make improvements to Port Dover’s Wastewater Treatment Plant located between Highway 6 and New Lakeshore Road.
The plan is to replace the outfall piping that lays between the treatment plant and an existing structure at the Lake Erie shoreline. The project is a joint effort of Norfolk’s Environmental Services Department (ESD) and K. Smart Associates Ltd. of Kitchener.
ESD Director Bob Fields reported to The Maple Leaf that the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment work being undertaken by Norfolk and K. Smart Associates is to replace an older outfall pipe that connects the plant to the lake.
“This pipe was installed in the 1960s and is in a difficult position to access,” he stated in an email. Mr. Fields added, “The proposed new pipe would be installed alongside a proposed stormwater pipe that is part of a larger drainage pipe being undertaken by Norfolk County.”
This improvement will allow inspections and maintenance on the new outfall to be completed in a more economical and safe manner.
There will also be a separate project for upgrades at the Port Dover Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Mr. Fields explains “Norfolk County is replacing and upgrading many components of the facility that have been in place since the 1970s including a new headworks sewage pumping station, screens, enhanced aeration and secondary clarifiers. The project will also see the addition of Ultra Violet Disinfection so that we can eliminate the use of chlorine as a disinfectant which will further improve our impact on Lake Erie.”
Norfolk County intends to proceed with the planning and design, with construction of the project to commence in late 2018 or early 2019.
Public input and comments are invited and will be received until March 30, 2018. Contact Bob Fields, C.E.T. at 519-582-2100 ext 1500 or email or K. Smart’s Joel Miller at 1-519-748-1199 ext 228, email

* Story was updated to change the error, Highway 6 and New Lakeshore road, not Highway 24.



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