Help a proud military mom send Christmas packages to Armed Forces members overseas

By Jocelynn Blacker

LINDA Butler is a proud military mom. Since 2010, her now 28-year-old son William Butler has served in the Canadian Armed Forces. He has been a member of the SkyHawks Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team and now works in Human Resources.

This year William is unable to make it home for Christmas having taken an overseas posting.
Linda turned that disappointing news into charitable action and decided to collect items to put together shoebox Christmas care packages for Canadian servicemen and servicewomen. She was inspired by the thought that other men and women like her son won’t be able to be home for the holidays.

Above: Linda and Peter Butler’s son William serves in Canada’s Armed Forces. This year he is unable to be home for Christmas so Linda turned disappointment into a charitable action to put together Christmas packages for men and women serving overseas.

“I’m very proud of all of our Canadian Armed Forces members for all they do for us and our country.”
She’s striving to pack anything that can help bring smiles to faces. Along with hygiene products, items with the Canadian flag on them and sweet comforts like candy and chocolates, Linda was told by William and others that entertainment items are also a big relief.
“When they are out in the field and just sleeping in tents there isn’t a whole lot for them to do. They want anything that they can play together with,” said Linda.
Linda is accepting new unopened items, completed shoeboxes and cash to purchase items for her care packages.
“I had one lady say that instead of buying presents for her friends this year she’s going to donate the money towards the shoeboxes.”
The only items she can’t accept are liquids and aerosols, as items must withstand temperature fluctuations during transport.
Linda will be sending the care packages by the end of October so that they make it to their destinations by Christmas.
Canada Post will ship the items to Belleville and then the military will transport the shoeboxes to Canadian bases across the world.
This year Linda has chosen the packages to go to Canadian postings in Iraq, Kuwait, Latvia, Egypt, Cyprus, Jerusalem, Romania and the Ukraine.
The shoeboxes will be decorated in festive garlands and Christmas wrapping. Inside will be cards with warm wishes from Port Dover and letters from the students at St. Cecilia School. Linda noted that if other students would like to participate from other schools, she welcomes all letters.
Shoeboxes and care items can be dropped off at the Main Street, Port Dover Royal LePage office where Peter Butler, Linda’s husband, works. Or contact Linda directly at 519-802-3408 or
“I think that this year will be the first of many,” said Linda cheerfully.


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