Fundraiser Feb. 16th helps Berg family after transplant

Jessica Berg of Port Dover successfully received a kidney from her sister, Amanda Berg, following a transplant that took place at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton last week.
Jessica suffers from Lupus, an autoimmune disease when the body’s immune system attacks its own organs and tissue.
In 2004, Jessica also underwent this surgery when she received a kidney donated by her mother Tammy Loshaw Berg.
Both of the sisters surgeries last week were successful. Amanda came home Friday night and is recovering.
Amanda relayed the Maple Leaf late on Monday that their “schedules are a little out of whack as my body wants to sleep a lot right now.”
In an online blog post, the girls’ mother Tammy states that “the surgery was a success, both girls are in a lot of pain but doing well! It was a long 16 hours and well worth the outcome.”
She continued that Jessica “has been under the weather with an extreme headache that doesn’t allow her to focus on anything, without hurting her eyes and head. Because of the flu outbreak at St. Joe’s, they put Jess on an anti-flu med which they believe is giving her flu-like symptoms on top of everything else.”
To help the family go about healing and cover expenses following the transplant, there will be a fundraiser held at The Brig in Port Dover on Friday, February 16th and everyone is invited. It is $5 at the door. There will be live bands and raffle draws with all proceeds going directly to the family.
Organizers say “let’s put their Mama Bear’s (Tammy Loshaw-Berg) heart at ease as this is a stressful time taking care of both her daughters and the last thing she needs to worry about is taking care of the bills too.”
Those unable to attend the event but wish to help the family through this difficult time can purchase raffle tickets at one for $10 or three for $20 for a chance at the $500 prize. Tickets sold at The Coffee Shop, 211 Main and the Norfolk Tavern. Donations to the family can also be made directly at Scotiabank using transit number 90852-03274-84.

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