Firefighters need our support for new memorial



PORT Dover firefighters have embarked on a campaign to plan, build and maintain a permanent memorial to honour all past local firefighters, and those in the future.
It will record the names of those who served as volunteers since the brigade was established 100 years ago – a remarkable community service.
The project is being undertaken by Port Dover Fire Fighters Association, which is a separate organization from Norfolk County Fire Station #2. Heading the project is Firefighter Jeff Soles.
Mr. Soles points out that the association has two major undertakings at the same time. Firstly, it decided on the monument, costing $24,500 with about half the cost raised; then, unexpectedly, their antique 1939 fire truck’s engine required a complete rebuild. That is the popular fire truck that parades championship teams around town in celebration. It is also part of the Canada Day and other local parades.
We expect organizations and individual citizens will want to assist the firefighters in their request. They do not ask for much, but give of their time and skill without hesitation. Firefighter Soles can be reached at 519 583-2412 and a firefighter will come to the caller for your contribution.

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