Fire downtown Port Dover

Fire downtown Port Dover July 16, 2019

Firefighters battle a fire on Main St in downtown Port Dover on Tues., July 16, 2019

Firefighters from Port Dover and several other Norfolk fire stations battle a serious and stubborn fire at 217 Main Street on Tuesday afternoon.

The building is occupied by Coldwell Banker Coastline Realty and Darbishire Cabinets. There are apartments on the upper floor.

The fire appeared to be under the roof. At times shooting flames were visible from the roof and along the eaves.

Fire officials say that the fire made its way into the walls and the attic.

Smoke, at times heavy enough to block visibility, rose from the structure.

Firefighters cut a hole in the roof and used the aerial pumper truck to pour huge amounts of water onto the fire from above.

Other firefighters along the Main Street sidewalk used hoses from the ground.

Shortly after the fire started, one person was seen being removed on a stretcher by EMS staff though it is uncertain if it is related to the fire.

Fire, smoke and water damage to the building appears to be heavy.

Many people lined the sidewalk. When winds started to blow the smoke along the street, OPP moved people back to avoid breathing any fumes from the fire.

At 4 p.m., firefighters were still on scene but were reporting that there was limited smoke.

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