Dr. Wong is retiring from practice on June 30th

021_medical-symbol-free-vector-ljDr. Peter Wong has notified his patients he is closing his medical practice in Port Dover Medical Centre effective June 30.
That date will mark the 38th anniversary of opening the practice.
To be sure, he is not retiring to a life of relaxation. Dr. Wong will continue to care for residents at Dover Cliffs Long Term Care on St. George Street, Cedarwood Retirement Home in Simcoe and Parkwood Meadows in Townsend.
When asked if Dr. and Mrs. Wong have plans to leave Port Dover, Margarette replied with a definite, “absolutely not, we will not be moving away from Port Dover!”
Several medical professionals have recently been to check out Port Dover Medical Centre.
The couple began their active involvement with Port Dover Figure Skating Club when their two daughters, Sabrina and Michelle were young girls. Peter and Margarette have maintained an active interest in the sport throughout the years and now with Skate Canada at local, national and international levels. The couple have travelled to many competitions across Canada to be involved in leadership roles.
In 2013 Margarette and Peter were involved with the World Figure Skating Championships held in London, Ont., where Mrs. Wong was committee chair of operations. Last week Margarette was in charge of the Canadian championships.
Throughout the season the couple keep busy every weekend with figure skating activities. Mrs. Wong told The Maple Leaf on Monday that being involved with Skate Canada “is our hobby”.
Their daughter Sabrina now of Toronto has followed her parents’ lead. She is a skating judge, including at the national level. Their daughter Michelle of Oakville has a 15-month old son, James. Dr. and Mrs. Wong plan a trip to China in May.

Posted: February 5, 2014


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