Dover Wharf condo will start this year

Equipment at the Dover Wharf condominium site on Harbour Street will repair sheet piling along the river frontage before construction begins. PHOTO BY EARL HARTLEN

Nicole Diec, owner of the Dover Wharf condominium project on Harbour Street, told The Maple Leaf on Monday that construction is “right on schedule” with the building to be completed by the end of 2018.
She said that construction costs are up from earlier estimates but “I do not worry about that” adding she would not be surprised if the final cost goes higher.
She said construction will begin later this year. She stressed several times in the phone interview “when I start something, I never give up.”
“Everything takes too long,” she commented, referring to obtaining approvals from Long Point Region Conservation Authority, Department of Fisheries & Oceans and Norfolk County. A county building permit was issued earlier this year.
A contractor has been engaged for sheet piling along the river frontage. Some equipment is currently on site for that work.
Managing condo sales is Leslie Lee of Chase Realty in Caledonia. An office trailer was located on the property several weeks ago to which Nicole Diec said will be open soon.
She assured The Maple leaf that 40 people who purchased units in the 48-unit structure are still involved. She admitted that eight have decided not to carry on. Those units are now available for others to purchase.
The planned Dover Wharf condo “is good for Port Dover, good for Norfolk County, good for everybody,” she declared.
Building this condo is a dream for Ms. Diec. When she worked in the fish processing line for Henry H. Miner Ltd. years ago as a recent immigrant to Canada, she told The Maple Leaf at that time “some day I want to buy this property.”
Ms. Diec commented to The Maple Leaf on Monday of this week, “I like Port Dover, everything about it.”


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