Dogs Nest Day fundraising for new sign


By Donna McMillan
It was a dog gone hot day Saturday in the hamlet of Dogs Nest where hundreds came together to celebrate Dogs Nest Day, help fundraise for a new Dogs Nest historic sign and unveil a refurbished former Ministry of Transportation sign.
A group of dedicated volunteers are doggedly determined to get Dogs Nest back on the map. And, rightly so. Dogs Nest was officially established in 1851 and was marked with a sign until the 1970s. Too many people liked the signs, which kept disappearing.

Above: Dogs Nest Committee volunteers Carol Porter, Eleanor Chithalen, Monte Smith, Cheryl Oliver, Tracey Scruton, Dave Oliver and Mary Field.

From 11 to 3 on Saturday, in the Misner Towing yard at 1489 Highway 6, volunteers were serving hot dogs, sausages on a bun, hamburgers and selling t-shirts, polo shirts and hats.
Music was provided by House Milner’s The Wood House Band and The Crooked Stovepipe Band under the leadership of Judy Moore. John Wells performed his Town Crier duties; Amy Martin, Chris Van Paassen and Diane Finley spoke and the refurbished sign was piped and drummed into the yard.
Bruce Steinhoff, a well-known local artist, donated a painting to the event as well.
Historically, Dogs Nest was a popular stop for travelers on the Plank Road (Hwy 6), boasting two or three hotels. One of the hotels at the main intersection of the hamlet carried the sign Dogs Nest with a picture of a dog and pups underneath. There was also three sawmills, including one started by the Porter family which operates a sawmill today.
Folklore boasts at least six stories on how the hamlet got its name, with each involving a traveler sleeping with a dog and in some cases the dog gave birth to puppies during the night surprisingly. Two of those stories of how Dogs Nest got its name are reprinted on the page opposite.
Committee members are Dave Oliver, President, Mary Field, Eleanor Chithalen, Tracey Scruton, Carol Porter, Monte Smith and Cheryl Oliver. Members will be selling Dogs Nest shirts and hats at the Marburg Brunch on September 1.


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