Dodge Ball … the ultimate math project

Port Dover Maple Leaf dodge-ball-game-in-progress

The gym at Lakewood Elementary was a busy, noisy place last Friday as over 100 students took part in a dodge ball tournament that raised money for Norfolk Mental Health.

By Heather Walters
Two heads are better than one, and it would seem that four heads are just about genius.
Claire Weaver, Emily Killingbeck, Hannah Patrick and Jadian Mitchell are all students in Mr. Carson’s grade 7-8 class at Port Dover’s Lakewood Elementary. They decided to work co-operatively on an independent math project and came up with the novel idea of hosting an all day dodge ball tournament that would also somehow benefit their community.
“The week we got the assignment just happened to be Mental Health week so that became our cause,” said Claire Weaver. “All four of us are athletes and we wanted to connect sports with a charity. Dodge ball is fun for everyone, not just for kids on the sports teams, so we thought it would be a good fit.”
According to Dustin Carson, the girls did all the gym and game scheduling, promotion for the event and even canvassed several local businesses and community groups for sponsorship, which practices and incorporates organizational skills, time management and many other fundamental math skills. They then invited Norfolk County schools to participate, collecting additional donations throughout the day of the tournament from participants, fans and parents.
Friday May 23, the tournament took place, comprised of over 100 grade 7 and 8 students from four area schools. After all was said and done, and after all the balls were thrown, the four enterprising young students raised a total of $695.42 all of which will benefit Norfolk Mental Health.
“Beyond raising money,” said spokesperson Claire Weaver, “we wanted to raise awareness regarding mental health. Kids need to be able to talk about how they are feeling.”
Port Dover Maple Leaf Dodge-Ball-Claire-Weaver,-Smily-Killingbeck,-Hannah-Patrick-and-Jadian-Mitchell---Lakewood-School

Shown above, left to right, Claire Weaver, Emily Killingbeck, Hannah Patrick and Jadian Mitchell put their heads together to work on an independent math project and came up with the idea of running a dodge ball tournament in support of mental health. They canvassed local businesses that generously donated to the cause, and provided “prizes” for the participants.

Posted: May 28, 2014


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