Councillors want price tag for a consultant’s study on best locations for fire halls and ambulance stations

COUNTY councillors would like to know the best locations for Norfolk’s fire halls and ambulance stations.
But councillors first want to know how much a consultant’s study would cost.
The immediate issue is council’s $1.5 million plan to replace St. Williams’ 67-year-old fire hall in 2019.
The new building might also become home for the area’s ambulances. They’re currently housed in a former OPP station on Highway 59, north of Port Rowan.
Fire Chief Terry Dicks has recommended against a further option of combining St. Williams and Port Rowan fire halls in one central facility.
He says response times might suffer.
The chief has left open the option of housing ambulances in St. Williams.
Simcoe Coun. Doug Brunton urged council last Tuesday to commission a long-term study on Norfolk’s 11 fire halls and seven ambulance stations.
With the price of new fire trucks approaching $1 million each, Coun. Brunton said fire service is costing Norfolk “a fortune.”
County staff will report to council on how much a county-wide study would cost.

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