Commercial fishermen review year

Pleasant-PortFor Port Dover’s commercial fishermen this past year has been called a “pretty decent year for fishing.”
Owner George Gibbons of Pleasant Port Fish Company on Passmore Ave. in the commercial east basin reported that “we are finished fishing for this year”. Actually, he commented they had reached their quota for pickerel and perch by the end of September.
Mr. Gibbons stated his pickerel quota “this year had a big increase over last year” but added, “our perch quota had a slight decrease” from the previous year.
George Gibbons stated he always strives to fish his quotas to the maximum by the end of September before the lake gets rough and the weather inclement.
Pleasant Port Fish Company operates one fishing tug ‘Eau Clipper’ which has a three-man crew; Paul Mummery, Bruce Hunter and Blake Hutchinson. Quinn Gibbons is in charge of the retail part of the operation.
The Maple Leaf was informed that Barb Powell, who is considered one of the best fish filleters on Lake Erie and employed by Mr. Gibbons for years has now retired.
Mr. Gibbons is currently enlarging the building housing Pleasant Port Fish Company in the East Commercial Basin to improve efficiency.
The enlargement and renovations will streamline the production from the tug Eau Clipper in the round to a dockside truck, to the entrance of the new cold storage facility that opens directly into the scaling, filleting, production line and into cold storage for retail sales. He noted demand for retail fish always is lower this time of year, but Pleasant Port Fish Co. has its regular business clients.
George Gibbons has been a Port Dover commercial fisherman since 1981. His company was formed in 2012.
Lakeshore Fish Co. having “best ever” pickerel year

“Our spring and early summer catches of perch and pickerel were really good,” President Jim Mummery of Lakeshore Fish Company reported to The Maple Leaf. He noted that, “catches were spotty in the summer” adding the good news that “it has been a pretty decent year for fishing.”
Mr. Mummery stated this year’s pickerel catch “has been the best ever,” since he began fishing 24 years ago in Long Point Bay.
He said the perch have moved down the lake to Port Maitland. About a month ago, a northeast wind dispersed the schools of fish, saying that they have perch and pickerel quota yet to catch, having until the end of December to harvest those fish and smelt.
For 2014 the Ministry of Natural Resources reduced the perch quota slightly but increased the pickerel quota. Jim Mummery stated the Ministry’s index indicates both perch and pickerel are plentiful in Lake Erie so he is optimistic the 2015 quotas will give an increase to commercial fishermen.
Lakeshore Fish Company operates a large processing plant on Passmore Ave. in the East Commercial Basin. Fishing is a Mummery family tradition since 1902.


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