Changes for this Friday the 13th


The first of two Friday the 13th biker days in Port Dover this year is just over a week away (the second one is in December) and local groups are putting plans into place following the new guidelines from Norfolk County.
Merchandise vendors, which used to be located in Powell Park and Elmer Lewis parking lot are being moved to the parking lanes of Main Street for two blocks from Market Street to Nelson Street.
No motorcycles will be able to park in these two blocks of downtown but the Elmer Lewis parking lot will be open to motorcycle parking. Also, bikers will park on Main Street north of Nelson Street and south of Market St. as well as St. George Street and other side streets, as at past events.
The food vendors which were formerly located on Chapman Street West are moving to Powell Park.
The County calls these ‘trial changes’ which are intended to ease congestion and improve safety for people walking on Main Street where motorcycles were travelling. It also allows better access for emergency vehicles, if needed.
In an effort to streamline vendor applications, Port Dover Kinsmen Club and Port Dover Board of Trade were given authority to process the vendors located on the street. As well, Norfolk County significantly lowered the vendor fee to $200. Other vendors will also be located on private property that is commercially zoned.
For many years, groups which the OPP label as criminal organizations have set up booths at Friday the 13th to sell t-shirts and other merchandise. With the support of the Ontario Provincial Police, Norfolk County is making that more difficult.
For the first time, in order to receive a Norfolk County Friday the 13th Business Licence, all vendors were required to sign saying that they understand “no sales are permitted by those that are associated with organized crime or a group that is reasonably assumed to extort, support or condone a culture of criminality or lawlessness” and all applicants must “agree that any display or sale of merchandise or paraphernalia in this context will result in a charge of Trespass and immediate revocation of any licence issued.”
Norfolk County By-law Officers are expected to enforce the terms of the licence with support from the OPP as required.
Beer tents with live music will be located in the parking lot at Main and Walker Streets run by Minor Hockey and the Board of Trade with another beer tent in the beach parking lot run by the Kinsmen. They both plan to be open Thursday and Friday.
To improve traffic flow into town on Friday, a “Resident Dash Pass” is available for local residents. It is the same pass that was issued for last July’s event but for anyone who did not receive that pass, they are being distributed this week and next to those with identification that they live in Port Dover. See the notice on page 9 for complete dates and times.

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