Candidates prepare for October 19 election


RESIDENTS of Haldimand Norfolk riding, along with Canadians across the country, learned Sunday morning that the federal election campaign is officially underway.
In what will be one of the longest campaigns, candidates from five political parties have nominated, or named, a local candidate for the Monday, October 19 election.
This is an introduction of those candidates with additional news to come as their campaigns unfold over the next 11 weeks.


Dave Bylsma
Christian Heritage PartyDunnville resident Dave Bylsma is the candidate for the Christian Heritage Party in the upcoming federal election for Haldimand-Norfolk riding. He has been involved with CHP for two decades covering seven federal election campaigns and ran for office in the 1993 election.
Dave and Sylvia Bylsma have a family of nine children. The couple operate a family woodworking business in the heart of Niagara. He is currently a councillor on the municipality of West Lincoln.

Wayne Ettinger
Green Party candidate
From his home in Dunnville Wayne Ettinger told The Maple Leaf he has been chosen as the Green Party of Canada’s candidate for the October 19 federal election, although he has paper work to complete for Elections Canada. The local Green Party campaign headquarters is operating out of the home of Anne and Keith Faulkner in Simcoe.
The 73-year-old has lived in his Dunnville home with his wife for 47 years. They have a family of two grown children.
Wayne and Marjorie were the fourth generation to operate the family farm in Dunnville area.
Mr. Ettinger is a founder with partners of Trillium Railway that hauls freight between Port Colborne and St. Catharines. As chairman he oversees the corporate direction and strategy of the railway that has operated since 1997.
He is a former 4-H leader, Dunnville Kinsmen Club member, a former Rotarian and member of Dunnville Chamber of Commerce.

Diane Finley
Conservative candidate
Formerly of Port Dover, Diane Finley is seeking re-election in the October 2015 federal election. Ms. Finley currently serves as Minister of Public Works and Government Services in the cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. She previously held other cabinet portfolios. Diane Finley was first elected to public office in 2004 and re-elected in 2006, 2008, and in 2011 polled 50.9 per cent of ballots cast in the Haldimand-Norfolk riding.
Diane Finley attended Port Dover elementary schools and Port Dover Composite School, graduated university with a BA degree, which led her to careers as businesswoman, executive, management consultant, school administrator and then into federal politics. She was married to the late Senator Doug Finley.
Diane Finley is a frequent visitor to Port Dover, accepting invitations at speaking engagements, social functions and on government business in relation to a grant locally or a federal government project announcement.

John Harris
NDP candidate
John Harris is a Simcoe resident who is serving his first term as a Norfolk County trustee on Grand Erie District School Board.
As a member of the Community Policing Committee, he works for safer communities where families can thrive. He is also a member of a recently-launched business action group.
Mr. Harris has been an advocate for a “situation table” for Norfolk County, bringing police together with other agencies to find solutions for vulnerable people.
He works in the IT department at the de-commissioning Nanticoke power plant and says at one time 650 employees and families were connected to the site — and the last 30 will be redeployed around April 2016. He says that’s why his top priorities include Tom Mulcair’s plan to kickstart job-creation by small businesses and the manufacturing sector.
Mr. Harris is the father of four. When he’s not working, he enjoys acting, and his family is connected to the local arts scene.

Joan Mouland
Liberal candidate
Candidate for the Liberal Party is Joan Mouland. Her campaign headquarters was officially opened last week in Jarvis on Main Street. Currently it is open two days a week and open daily next month. Her campaign manager is Elsie Eubank of Hagersville.
“I want to represent this riding in Ottawa,” she told The Maple Leaf in a phone interview on Monday. She is a successful lawyer, a long time resident of Villa Nova.
Her husband, Bob Speller, was the Member of Parliament from this riding for several terms, becoming Minister of Agriculture. “I want to build on what he did for Haldimand Norfolk,” she said.
They have two children attending university.
Joan Mouland says “I have lots of things I would like to improve,” and heading that list is jobs for people in this riding. Some of the others concerns include better internet, Canada Post, health care realizing it is a provincial jurisdiction but transfer payments are from the federal government.


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