Beerstock celebrated craft beer and local food

By Jocelynn Blacker

LAST Saturday afternoon, hundreds gathered in Powell Park for the annual Beerstock.
Organized by Penny Nunn and Jim Loshaw of The Crepe House, Beerstock is a celebration of local food, spirits, wines and craft beers. Participants sampled the vendors and then voted on who they thought were the best.

Above: Cory Adams (stage team), Janine Beerepoot (promoter), Jim Loshaw (Crepe House co-owner), Penny Nunn (Crepe House co-owner), Aaron Berta (stage team) take a moment to relax during Beerstock in Powell Park on Saturday.

Beerstock started on The Crepe House patio six years ago and moved to Powell Park four years ago. “We had 40 people the first year, 80 the next year. Then the County asked us to move it to the park because they were hosting people from other counties and wanted to showcase them a little bit,” said Penny Nunn. “So, we moved it over to the park and that year we sold 800 tickets. The second year we sold 1,200, the third year around the same amount.”

Beerstock was started to help promote craft beers and local foods. “When we first started selling craft beer no one wanted to drink it because it was so new and cutting edge. We wanted to host an event and sell tickets so that hopefully people would come out and have a taste,” said Penny.
All the proceeds go back to the community. Both to the Kinsmen Club who help provide volunteers at the event and to the Port Dover Foundation to help repair the Todd Eaton Track.
Beerstock was thoroughly enjoyed by attendees. “We love the music, we love all the different wineries and breweries. Just the camaraderie of it all is great,” said Bev Poudrette from Port Dover attending with her husband Ivan.
“The beer, the music, the fact it’s in Dover. The fact that the weather is good enough that we can come out and enjoy it. And the fact we can hang out as friends for an afternoon with no children,” chuckled Claire Wilkinson of Dundas who was in attendance with her friends Maggie McCowell, Lisa Lowry and Tracey Pirso.
“It’s a great fundraiser,” added Lisa Lowry cheerfully who was designated driver for the group.
“Reconnecting with old friends and making new connections,” said Kevin Koslowski formerly of Port Dover and now Ancaster. “Keep it coming. It’s a great idea. It’s nice to try all the local breweries and foods,” added Lindsay Koslowski.
“The brewers are all here. You can learn a lot from them. About the philosophy behind all of it. You’re not just being served the beer,” said Dave Botts of Hamilton.
“They’re all very knowledgeable. The wineries here were very knowledgeable,” said Denise Botts also of Hamilton who was visiting Terri and Ray Kitowski of Port Dover.
Live music featured Dan Walsh, Blind Mule, Rachel Heart, Paige’s Ashes, music from Blackcreek featuring D.J. Josh and Dan Fewings as emcee.


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