15-minute downtown parking spaces coming


By David Judd

COUNTY council plans to do something about Port Dover’s downtown parking problem.
For years, people have complained about lack of parking, especially during the busy tourist months from May to September.
Council is not adding parking spaces.
But it wants existing spaces to turn over more quickly.
This summer up to 15 parking spots on Main and Walker streets will be converted to 15-minute loading zone spaces.
The spaces will allow customers to park and quickly pick up purchases from downtown stores.
In the fall council plans to consider options for paid parking, starting next spring.
Currently, parking in the central business district is free and limited to two hours. Prime parking spots are often tied up for the full two hours, frustrating store customers who are looking for a short, quick place to park.
The 15-minute spaces will improve chances of finding an open parking spot.
They’re not the perfect solution for curbside pickup, Port Dover Coun. Amy Martin said in an interview.
Some merchants would like exclusive use of parking spaces in front of their stores.
But exclusive spaces would be difficult to enforce, CAO Jason Burgess cautioned county councillors last Tuesday.
Who would watch where customers shopped? Who would hand out tickets?
The 15-minute loading spaces would be easy to enforce, Mr. Burgess said.
They will be a temporary answer while council looks at paid parking next year.
Business owners near the beach support paid parking, Coun. Martin told The Maple Leaf.
Paid parking might not be everywhere downtown, she said.
It might be limited to municipal parking lots or areas near the beach.
And rates could vary with the seasons.
With advance payment methods, parking users could enter a credit card number and cell phone number.
A text could warn when parking had 15 minutes left and allow adding more time.


Published in June 17, 2020 Port Dover Maple Leaf

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