X-ray service closing at Port Dover medical centre

The X-ray service at Port Dover Medical Centre on St. George Street will likely close at the end of December.
It is owned by Dr. S. C. Chou who is a radiologist at Norfolk General Hospital.
Dr. Chou told The Maple Leaf he is still looking for someone to take over the service but the Ontario Government has ruled that all x-ray equipment in the province must be digital by 2015. Dr. Chou believes the required new digital equipment will be too expensive for the volume of business in Port Dover.
There are currently only two medical doctors in the St. George Street centre. Dr. Chou stated the Port Dover x-ray service now handles only about half as many patients as it did five or six years ago.
“I feel sorry for the people of Port Dover,” Dr. Chou told The Maple Leaf, explaining “overhead is high, new equipment is expensive and the population is not growing” enough to sustain the x-ray service.
Dr. Chou’s unit here is operated by Cindy Golding who resides in Windham Centre. She has been on the job at Port Dover Medical Centre since 1979, telling The Maple Leaf this week, “I just love working here and being in Port Dover”. She explained in the phone interview that there are fewer and fewer film style x-ray units which makes equipment servicing difficult to obtain. The trend has been to digitalize x-ray departments.
“For the time being, it is business as usual in the x-ray department at Port Dover Medical Centre,” Cindy Golding confirmed.
Dr. Chou noted there is one privately owned and operated x-ray facility in Simcoe. Norfolk General Hospital has two x-ray units.
In 1975 Port Dover Lions Club, owners of the building then, decided to provide space for x-ray equipment. Lions Club member Gord Johnson headed the committee to plan the renovations. A contract for $40,000 was awarded to Tillsonburg contractor Joe Latos, with work commencing in July 1975. The 600 sq. ft. suite included an x-ray room with lead-lined walls for protection from exposure, a darkroom for processing film, a technician’s room, four dressing rooms and a waiting room. The opening of the Lions Club’s medical centre on St. George Street was two years earlier on September 23, 1973.

Posted: December 5, 2013