Volunteers decorate Powell Park bandstand for Christmas season

DSCF5793Good news spreads quickly in Port Dover.

About two weeks ago Port Doverites Melissa Mummery and Cari Fallis agreed the bandstand in Powell Park needed decoration for the Christmas season.
They contacted Port Dover Board of Trade Manager Jan Overend to tell her of their plan and she contacted the County of Norfolk for permission. The okay was given in quick order.
Friends told friends, social media was abuzz. Guy Gilchrist told The Maple Leaf and between 20 and 30 people were on the bandstand Sunday morning at 10 a.m. with strings of coloured lights, cartons of evergreen, ladders, coffee and Timbits. By noon the task was completed.
Melissa Mummery and Cari Fallis thanked everyone for coming to help, calling them “fantastic volunteers”.
Cari said at the mid-point in the task, with people reaching up with lengths of evergreen, or standing on ladders to reach higher, or down on their knees attaching bows, “these people believe that anytime you can do something for your community is a good thing”.
Melissa commented so many people offered money to pay for the supplies.
Port Dover Board of Trade made a financial contribution and Stoney’s Home Hardware’s generosity was reflected in bargain priced lighting and supplies.
Melissa said, “we all do it out of love for Port Dover”.
Top photo: This group of volunteers were part of the bandstand decorating team — they are (left to right) Steve Sinkowski, Tracey Bennett, Jean Godding, Rosemary Murphy, Helen Bingleman, Adrienne and Stephen Longhurst, Melissa Mummery and Cari Fallis.

Bottom photo: This group of Sunday bandstand decorators are, (left to right) front row, Brenda Holliday, Judy Cloughley, Brian Teeple (age 7), Don Bayless, Dan Cascioli and Dean Bayless (on their knees). On the steps are Leslie Teeple, Harry Smith, Len Holliday.

Posted: December 6, 2013